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Hydro-X Package

$85 - $125
Premium Water Resistant Nanotech

Hydro X Utilizes State Of The Art Technology To Allow For A Long Lasting Layer Of Protection On Your Vehicle. This Hydrophobic Silicate Based Coating Leaves Your Paint Waterproof For Months And Has A Crystal Clear Shine Like No Other. Traditional Carnauba Paste & Spray Waxes are a thing of the past!

LUX Package

The Ultimate Detail

Designed With The Enthusiasts In Mind! Your Vehicle Will Experience Meticulous & Precise Care Like Never Before! Prepare To See Your Ride In An Entirely New Light!


Do You Love To Turn Heads? Interested In Having Your Vehicle Protected For Years? Ceramic Coating May Be For You! Ceramic Coating Is a Liquid Polymer That Is Applied By Hand To The Exterior Of a Vehicle. The Coating Chemically Bonds With The Vehicle’s Factory Paint, Creating a Layer Of Protection. It Creates a Permanent Bond With a Vehicle’s Paint, Meaning That It Does Not Wash Away Or Break Down. This Coating Does Not Require Repeated Application Every Few Months, Making Maintenance a Breeze! Ceramic Coating Also Protects Your Vehicles Paint From Harsh Ultraviolet Rays, Prevents Harsh Chemicals From Staining, And Enhances The Shine To a Deep Sought After Gloss. We Are Certified Feynlab Installers And Would Love To Bring The Future Of Protection To Your Doorstep. With a Selection Of Different Tier Coatings We Are Miami's Most Convenient Ceramic Coating Solution.


Motorcycle Ceramic

Got A Bike? We're Into That

If You Tuck Your Bike Into Bed At Night Then This Is The Package For You! A Full Ceramic Installation That Will Leave It Glistening Like The Gem It Is.

Specialty Detailing

Most Vehicles Suffer From Lack Luster Paint. Whether It's From Weathering Or An Automated Wash Cycle, We've Got You Covered! Let Us Renew Your Vehicles Most Noticed Feature With Our State Of The Art Compounds And Dynamic Technique.

Free estimate with any detail

Is Your Leather Lackluster? We Can Help With That! Leather Needs To Be Regularly Maintained In This Miami Heat. Without Proper Care It Can Become Brittle And Crack! We Use The Top Of The Line Products To Fully Rejuvenate And Protect Your Leather.


After Years Of Use, Cloth Interiors Can Tend To Get Discolorations And Stains. If This Is The Case, You Need a Heavy Duty Suction a Basic Vacuum Can't Provide. Our Extraction Machine Injects a Solution Into Your Cloth Interior Then Pulls Out All Of The Contaminants Tainting Your Ride!


Headlight Restoration

With This Intense Miami Sun The Rate Headlights Oxidize Is Exponentially Increased. This Can Lead To Reduced Visibility At Night Which Can Result In Fatalities! Furthermore, Your Headlights Are Right In The Front Of Your Vehicle And Nasty Faded Lights Drastically Reduces Your Appearance.


Why Detail?

We Believe Regular Maintenance Is Beyond Important When It Comes To Protecting Your Investment! Your Vehicle Is An Extension Of Yourself And Is a Huge Factor When It Comes To First Impressions, It Should Be Cared For Accordingly! Auto Detailing Is An Art Form And We Are Artists! Every Step In The Process Of Restoring And Protecting Your vehicle Is Done With Precision And Purpose. We Have Years Of Experience And Use Our Amassed Knowledge To Provide You With The Highest Standard Of Service!

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